To boldly go where no one has gone before…

Ok, so maybe not. 

Well hey there!  If you’ve found you’re way here already from the LJ, congrats — I’m afraid we’re in the midst of cleaning and stocking at the moment, so it’s a bit of a mess.  No no, don’t mind the broken radiator — just go ahead and step right over it…I’ll get back to it once I’ve got all the audio equipment in proper order.

 So, you’re here.  Now what?  Well, I’ve still got some plans in the works…here’s the blueprints in the meantime.  Now, I know it’s not perfect, but I think we’ve got some good ideas here.  Talking about the lesser-known, more obscure aspects of the performance arts, I mean.  See, look here — how many people are aware of the inner workings of an independent radio station, CD production, or the music industry in general?  And there, that’ll be for all sorts of VA work — you know, voice acting — and another for reviews of helpful (or not so) books, audio software, etc…maybe even a podcast or two.  Of course, there’ll be a special section to highlight some of my own, ahem, examples, but you’re not really interested in that, I know.  Once those sections are up, I’m hoping to expand the place to include more, but we’ll have to see.

 So yeah…erm…sorry about the mess.  But come back in a little bit and we should be open for business.  Until then, take care!

 …I told you to look out for the radiator.  Sheesh.


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