Past Audio Productions

The Adventures of Radioman

Aired: October 2007
Genre: Superhero-spoof
Total Episodes: 7
Run Time: 10 min. each

Promo “Feared supervillain Purge has plans to destroy the world once and for all – but not if Radioman has anything to say about it! With his trusty team of radio superheroes by his side, our hero is pitted against the Assembly of Destruction in order to prevent global annihilation! Who will triumph? Tune in to find out!”

About:  This is a seven-episode radio series that was aired in mid-October for the WCBE 90.5 FM Columbus Green Fundraiser event. Episodes are written in the style of the old superhero cartoons and radio dramas, with occasional facts about the environment as well.

Download at:  WCBE 90.5 FM webpage VAA project webpage

Dispatches from the Romulan War


Aired: December/January 2007-08
Genre: Star Trek universe
Total Episodes: 6
Run Time: 2-5 min. each

Promo“Ever wonder what it would be like to listen to the news reports that might come from the Romulan War?”

About: “Dispatches” is a series of fan-fiction shorts brought together and produced to create a podbook of news reports that may have happened during the Romulan War of the Star Trek universe.  Created for Christmas release, this is an official Trek United / Save Enterprise project.

Download at: Star Trek 12 Days of Christmas TrekUnited Audio Center



Aired: June 2008
Genre: Star Trek Universe
Total Episodes: 1
Run Time: 12 min.

Promo:  “If family honour were more important than life itself, what would you do if you had to choose between family … or honour?”

About:  An original Klingon tale of love and loss, brought to us by the same producer of the “Dispatches” series, Kirok L’Stok.  “Motherhood” is the first in a trilogy of audiobooks by Silvertongue Productions.

Download at:  House of L’Stok website


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