Announcement: Calling All Writers!

As my work with TrekUnited will be coming to a close, I’m already itching to start work on a few independent projects for the public’s listening enjoyment. At the moment, I’ve a few ideas for stage productions to adapt for audio drama performance, but I’d really like to bring to light some fresh, new stories.

There are a few ‘amateur’ audio drama production groups out there with several multi-episode series, both original and fan-related (see Darker Projects and BrokenSea, for example). I would love to take a stab at this as well, with more focus on allowing aspiring writers to hear their work come to life, and hopefully gain them some public recognition for their writing skills.

If you are a writer and/or you think you’ve got a good idea for an audio drama, book, or skit, send an email to me at with a resume and writing proposal, sample story outline or script. If writing in old-school radio drama format, there are some helpful links to get you started.

Hope to hear from you soon!